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Hello Readers!

This is my brand new blog! At the moment it may seem empty, but sure enough it will be full of pages and posts for you  to enjoy. Now about me, I’m an animal lover! Cats, dogs or anything else, I love my pets. I have 5 animals at my house, two dogs and three cats. One of the cats is mine, Willow. She is a poly-dactyl, a cat that has six toes on each paw! I’m also a lover of math, it’s one of my favorite subjects. So far blogging has been really fun! I will be creating new posts soon enough.

Sincerely, Nate

7 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Nate,

    I am a fellow Student Blogging challenge member! I love animals to and one day want to help them though I am not a cat-lover! I have dog named, Cooper, who is a chocolate Labrador. My favourite subject is sport. What is your favourite math aspect?


    • Hi Claire,

      It’s good to meet another animal lover, too bad you don’t like cats though! I myself have two dogs one, a Jack Russell named Digger, the other a Yorkie Schnauzer cross named Sparky . They’re both really loyal dogs that will stick by my side through anything. On the subject of math, my favorite math aspect is probably multiplication which is really easy for me.

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  2. Hello Nathan,
    Is it hard to take care of five indoor animals? I also like math, my favorite subject is algebra. even though it is hard

    • Hello Nathan,
      To answer your question, yes. At times the cats are playing with the dogs (toenails on hardwood floor is so loud) you can’t hear anything but clicking, meowing, growling and hissing. one of my cats is still a little kitten, so she LOVES to tear up our leather furniture which is loud and is pretty costly. But they make up for it with never ending fun and entertainment, I love all of our pets! My question to you, do you have any pets?

      Sincerely, Nathan
      Nates’s blog
      Huzzah! Our class blog

  3. Hi Nate,
    This is the first time I have took a look at your blog and I am very impressed by how great your writing is!!!! I did not know how interesting you are in cats and dogs!!! It is really cool that you have a cat all for yourself! How old is it? And do you have any brothers or sister ? If you do, do they have a cat to themselves? I Hope to hear from you soon and read future post of yours! Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Abby!
      So about my cat Willow, shes 10 months old and she still acts like a kitten! She follows me around, sleeps in my bed and meows when I call her! My brother has his own cat although she is a mean cat, she can be pretty nice! (if you feed her) They are both a complete joy to have, even when they both are fighting at least I can get a good laugh out of it!

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